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Learning Guides

Present Powerfully

The ‘A’ Of Leading Today

Leading Through Uncertainty

Be A Present Leader

How To Speak-Up In Meetings

Micro-Module – Become A Great Leader

Micro-Module – The Future, Empathy & Customer Experience

Micro-Module – Resilience

Micro-Module – Building Team Engagement

Emotions & Mood Hacks

Micro-Module – Coaching

Micro-Module – Delegating Effectively

Listening & Operating to Learn

Micro-Module – Powerful Communication

Micro-Module – Effective Feedback

Wellbeing & Resilience

Innovation In A Time Of Covid-19

Tom Peters’ 10 Messages to Leaders During Covid-19

WHO – The Physical Signs Of Stress

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Going Remote: Managing a distributed workforce & maximising productivity

Abundance Leadership in a Time of Crisis

Growth Mindset V. Fixed Mindset

Become A Great Leader

Become A More Mindful Leader

Innovation Intersection

The HBDI of Kotter’s 8-Step Change Process

A Real Human-Centred Approach to Leading and Problem Solving

Transitions – Your New Future Is Now

Mental Ill-Health Has Reached A Tipping Point

10 Strategies to Manage Your Anger

What We Learn

World Congress on Positive Psychology

It’s All About the Customer Experience

Business Development – Perspective On New Business Opportunities

Team Beginnings – How to Form a Great Team

For Superior Organisational Results, Manage Energy rather than Time

Are You Living Freely According to Your Values or Enslaved by Your Goals?

There’s a Secret Code for Building a Successful Culture

The Future Is Here: Are You Ready For It?

Let Your Organisation’s Purpose be the Lighthouse by which You Navigate

Integration – How to Bring Together Disparate Entities & Cultures

To Really Engage Staff & Drive Performance, Help People to Feel Safe

The Future of Work

STOP & Build Resilience

Build an Innovation Culture

Seven Easy Wins to Enhance Your Employee Engagement

How to Become a Key Person of Influence

Enhance Your Credibility

Workplace Engagement & the Role of Business Leaders

Sustainability – A Framework

Leadership – It’s Time to Change Our Brains

Authentic Leadership & Building Trust

Future Proof Your Job

A New Thinking for Strategic Leadership

Create Work-Life Balance

Avoidance at Work

Snap Planning to Gain Time

Problem Solving – 4 Simple Steps

Engagement – Lessons for Leaders

Cycling Business – Leadership Lessons from the Peloton

Managing Your Transition into Leadership