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Learning Guides

Big Picture Thinking Journey

Our Client-Centric Value-Creation Methodology

The Death of Sales & the Rise of CX

Attract & Retain the Right Workforce

Believing You Can Improve Your Mental Health

PERMA+ Helps Us Flourish

Wellbeing & Resilience for Covid-19

Bring Out Your Personal Best

Three Cs of Confidence

Workers Want to Grow & Develop

High Performance Habits

Present Powerfully

The ‘A’ Of Leading Today

Leading Through Uncertainty

Be A Present Leader

How To Speak-Up In Meetings

Micro-Module – Become A Great Leader

Micro-Module – The Future, Empathy & Customer Experience

Micro-Module – Resilience

Micro-Module – Building Team Engagement

Emotions & Mood Hacks

Micro-Module – Coaching

Micro-Module – Delegating Effectively

Listening & Operating to Learn

Micro-Module – Powerful Communication

Micro-Module – Effective Feedback

Wellbeing & Resilience

Innovation In A Time Of Covid-19

Tom Peters’ 10 Messages to Leaders During Covid-19

WHO – The Physical Signs Of Stress

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Going Remote: Managing a distributed workforce & maximising productivity

Abundance Leadership in a Time of Crisis

Growth Mindset V. Fixed Mindset

Become A Great Leader

Become A More Mindful Leader

Innovation Intersection

The HBDI of Kotter’s 8-Step Change Process

A Real Human-Centred Approach to Leading and Problem Solving

Transitions – Your New Future Is Now

Mental Ill-Health Has Reached A Tipping Point

10 Strategies to Manage Your Anger

What We Learn

World Congress on Positive Psychology

It’s All About the Customer Experience

Business Development – Perspective On New Business Opportunities

Team Beginnings – How to Form a Great Team

For Superior Organisational Results, Manage Energy rather than Time

Are You Living Freely According to Your Values or Enslaved by Your Goals?

There’s a Secret Code for Building a Successful Culture

The Future Is Here: Are You Ready For It?

Let Your Organisation’s Purpose be the Lighthouse by which You Navigate

Integration – How to Bring Together Disparate Entities & Cultures

To Really Engage Staff & Drive Performance, Help People to Feel Safe

The Future of Work

STOP & Build Resilience

Build an Innovation Culture

Seven Easy Wins to Enhance Your Employee Engagement

How to Become a Key Person of Influence

Enhance Your Credibility

Workplace Engagement & the Role of Business Leaders

Sustainability – A Framework

Leadership – It’s Time to Change Our Brains

Authentic Leadership & Building Trust

Future Proof Your Job

A New Thinking for Strategic Leadership

Create Work-Life Balance

Avoidance at Work

Snap Planning to Gain Time

Problem Solving – 4 Simple Steps

Engagement – Lessons for Leaders

Cycling Business – Leadership Lessons from the Peloton

Managing Your Transition into Leadership


Poor Feedback: Bad for Engagement, Retention & Performance

Employee Disengagement Costs the World $8.8 Trillion

The Joy of Seeing Other People Shine

The C-Suite Skills That Matter Most

Power of Purpose Or Race to the Bottom

Rooty Hill School Lifts Student Marks

Mitigating Bias from Assessment

We Can Grow Our Capacity

10 Trends that will Shape the Coming Decade

Happiness Is Declining

Nature Loss Means Deadlier Future Pandemics

The Cycology of Leadership

Upskill Your Workforce or Get Left Behind

To Connect & Engage, Try Turning Off The Video

Technology is an Assault on Empathy

69 Australian Millionaires Paid No Tax

Doing Enough to Get Ready for the Future?

The Cost of Mental Ill-health

To Win, Stop Obsessing with Winning

Want Better Business Results – Promote More Women

We Do Not Simply Discover Our Purpose

Customers Deserve Great Service

Design like an Italian & Build like a German

Authoritarianism and Donald Trump

The Silver Bullet for Our Economy

Set Your Code of Conduct

2015 Global Innovation Index & Your Leadership

The Power of Talk in a Digital Age

Let’s Make Strategic Planning, Strategic

10 Greatest Pop Songs

Lifting the Behavioural Standards in the Freight & Logistics Industry

Cognitive Bias & The Problem With Our Brains

Whole Brain Leadership – Charts

Formula for Organisational Success

How to Accelerate Your Ability to Learn – The Education Sector Can Teach You How

Education & How to Turn Around Your Organisation

Most Leadership Programs Fail

The Brave New world of Sustainability

Conscious Capitalism – How Social Principles Can Generate Profit

The Trouble with Lance

Managing Uncertainty

Coaching V Consulting

How EI Helps Aussie cyclist Win Stage of Tour de France

80% of Professionals Want to Leave Their Jobs

Pay Attention & Boost Performance

PATB in Public

Dom Helps Launch New Austalian Music – Feeling Lucky

Attract & Retain the Right People

Feedback That Moved Me

Our 50th Engagement Survey

Lost On The Way – New Music

Light From This Dimension – New Music

PATB – A Green Partner for Orangutans

New Music to lift Covid Spirits

PATB Manifesto

We Are Celebrating 10-Years

Interview – How To Build A High-Performance Organisation

Interview – The Death of the Professional Services Firm

Radio Casbah Music Interview

New Independent Music Airs On Thanksgiving Day

Interview – Leadership In Volatile Times

Oz Independent Music

PATB In The Parramatta News

WSABE Congratulations Note for PATB

Skills To Guide You Out Of Covid-19 – Web Chat

Why Am I Qualified To Speak To You?

PATB – Excellence In Customer Service Awards

Australian Music – Night Flower (2020 Re-issue)

Maggie’s Rescue & People At Their Best

PATB Promo & Intro Video

International Keynote Speaker & Published Author

PATB – Response to Covid-19

People At Their Best – 6 Months in New Parramatta Office

Leadership & Action Taken In Response To Covid-19

Client Testimonials – 2020

People At Their Best Services In A Time Of Crisis (Covid-19)

People At Their Best – New Parramatta Office

Great New Australian Music is Launched

Authoritarianism and Donald Trump

Interview on 2RRR – Personnel Challenges for a Growing Business

Presentation in Zurich – Greater Well Being Leads to Better Performance at Work

Around the Bay Ride – Fundraising

Rawa Kuno Legacy Forest – Sponsorship

PATB Joins Chamber of Commerce – Affiliation

PATB – Launch Event