Recently, I was asked how I would feel about being a ‘facilitator’ rather than the subject matter expert, how I would feel about standing in the background rather than in front of the audience and providing the latest thought leadership.

I wondered for a moment and then said, “The mission of People At Their Best, is to help organisations build capacity and to help all people to be their best. If I am enabling others to push the limits of their capability, to grow and flourish, then I am winning regardless of the role I play.”

“In my work, there are many many people who I have coached who, in-turn, have ‘out-shone’ me and 3, in particular, have started their own business and by any objective measure, are much more successful than my business. Specifically, Mark Jones, Sanan Thamo and Paul Higgins are three stars who I coached more than a decade ago and I look upon their success with real joy.”

“The fact I continue to work with them and that they all have a role in People At Their Best is proof to me that our MO, to ‘operate to learn’ is a driving methodology that benefits us and our clients, that when I help my clients to be successful, I too, am successful.”

Later the same day, another client told me that I had been “pivotal” in this firm’s journey over the past decade and its 200% increase in revenue and 150% increase in profit.

There are lots of ways to measure success but if our mission is ‘capacity building’ and to help all people to be their best, then I feel pretty good about how People At Their Best is tracking.

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