Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Reflecting on 2019, I have borrowed words from a newsletter I wrote 3 years ago – The most common mistake leaders make when trying to grow a business is not defining the organisation’s mission and purpose.  There is simply nothing more fundamental to an organisation than understanding what its ‘purpose’ is and ensuring that everyone is aligned behind that cause and working in service of it.  As we have said many times this year, organisational alignment is  the most urgent issue for businesses today.

For this reason, helping clients define their purpose has been our focus in 2019, as has been ensuring that their strategic plans actually serve their purpose – remember: A goal without a plan is just a wish

This year, we turned one of our false starts from 2018 into a success and opened a new creative, purpose-built office space, a place for new thoughts, discussion and learning.  Located at Shop 5/1 Broughton St, Parramatta, we look forward to seeing you.

As we end the year, we wish to thank all our clients, especially the five new clients in industries as varied as forestry, public education, member association, property development and mental health crisis management.  With all these clients we continue to facilitate strategic planning; leadership development; capability diagnostics; employee engagement programs and; initiatives to ‘reset’ the company culture.

We also continue to deepen our one-on-one executive coaching expertise with our courageous clients who give us the privilege of helping them to be their best.

This year we have also published more than a dozen important research papers, learning guides, infographics or case studies in our effort to provide you with latest evidence-based techniques to build your internal capability and performance.  You can see them all on our website under Helpful Resources tab or simply go to our Latest News.

Lastly, we are very proud to have helped a great Australian songwriter, Raf Rouco, turn a idea into a tangible and available new record.  You can read more and listen to the music at

We look forward to working with you all in 2019 and we hope you all have a very special Christmas.

Dom & the team

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