In July 2019, I attended the World Congress on Positive Psychology.  Listening to world-class researchers was a joy.

A few of the ideas which resonated with me:

  • By empowering, strengthening, connecting and inspiring, leaders can can drive work engagement via the satisfaction of work-related psychological needs (autonomy, competence, relatedness and meaningfulness)
  • Leaders can influence organisational climate and predict strengths use by better defining the organisational purpose and direction, thus better engaging employees and setting off a virtuous cycle which leads to greater strengths use
  • Work-life ‘culture’ is more important than the provision of work-life balance ‘policies’ in assisting employees to achieve positive work outcomes
  • Meaningfulness at work has a positive impact on thriving at work and work engagement
  • Coaches need to develop their ‘dialogical fitness’ – sleep, hydration, cognitive spirit, exercise, nutrition and emotional fitness
  • As a society and in our organisations, we under-invest in ‘meaning’ and ‘purpose’
  • A special shout out to Kim Cameron (recognised as one of the world’s top academics) – his key-note address was truly inspiring.  Cameron’s key finding has been that an abundance culture / when leaders behave virtuously / when leaders undertake positive leadership practices, there is a defined link to profit, productivity, quality, innovation, customer satisfaction and employee engagement.  As Cameron says: Money follows virtuousness – it is causal relationship
  • In one of the most profound utterances of the entire congress, Andrew Soren said: ‘Conduct counts!’ He went on to describe the ‘Say/Do Ratio’ and that it is critical for moral leadership – doing the right things and striving for excellence helps inspire us all (to do the right things)

Please follow this link IPPA World Congress on Positive Psychology July 2019 FV to read my take-aways from the conference and please make contact if you would like to explore any of the exciting opportunities I have listed.

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