People At Their Best Christmas Newsletter with a special shout-out to the great teams at Flavour Creations in Brisbane and Forico in Launceston

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Albert Einstein said, ‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.’  As we move into a new phase of rampant escalating Covid-19 case numbers, I hope we can all bring some new thinking to our lives and use this Christmas time to reflect on the way we spend our precious time. 
The over-riding sentiment our clients have been expressing to us, lately, is tiredness and fatigue: ‘It’s been a long year,’ seems to be the way most people are summing up 2021 – we hear you and we are very much looking forward to a rest.

Reflecting on 2021, People At Their Best used the travel restrictions to publish many thought leadership pieces and research papers and case studies and to deliver hundreds of on-line seminars and workshops and interviews – you can see the most recent ones here: 

State Of Australian Leadership Report – Research report
Covid-19, Leadership & Happiness – Published article
Wellbeing & Resilience for Covid-19 – Learning guide
The Virtue of Leadership in Difficult Times – Video presentation
You can find details of all or work on our website at: Helpful Resources

We are also incredibly pleased and fortunate to be working with some new clients, from the world class teams at the Royal Sydney Golf Club and the Antarctic Science Foundation to our increasing involvement in the education sector and work with Steiner Education Australia and Scotch Oakburn College.

At this time of reflection, I also wanted to send a special shout-out to two wonderful clients (and friends) who have continued to trust us during these difficult 18 months – the team at Flavour Creations in Brisbane and Forico in Launceston – in their own ways, they continue to transform and grow and not only meet the challenges of their markets but to lead the competition. 

So, with hopes for a more conscious, caring and compassionate 2022, we look forward to working with you all next year and hope you have a very special Christmas.


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