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The most common mistake that leaders make when trying to grow a business is not defining the organisation’s mission and vision.  There is simply nothing more fundamental to an organisation than understanding what its ‘purpose’ is and ensuring that everyone is aligned behind that cause and working in service of it.

Helping clients define their purpose is how we have started 2016. After this, leaders need a plan to execute or deliver on this purpose – remember: A goal without a plan is just a wishA robust plan increases the likelihood of success.  This will continue to be a focus for our client work in 2016.

New Website: We continue to make enhancements to our new website which went live at the end of 2015.  Let us know what you think.  We are currently designing a forum which will allow subscribers to discuss leadership issues and take advantage of social learning.

New Client: We are very proud to be commencing work with the Tweed Heads Bowls Club.

New Research and Thinking: Since our last newsletter we have been busy thinking, researching, blogging and posting. Please enjoy our latest helpful resources:

The Future of Work (Learning Guide)

The State of Australian Leadership Report 2016 (Case Study)

2015 Global Innovation Index & Your Leadership (Blog)

Stop & Build Resilience  (Learning Guide)

The Power of Talk in a Digital Age (Blog)

Let’s Make Strategic Planning, Strategic (Blog)

Our Specialist Associate, Bree Hutchinson, will be attending The Future of Work address at The National Press Club in Canberra on 23 February.  We look forward to sharing the learnings with you.

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