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On the 1st of June we opened our new office in Phillip Street Parramatta.  It is extraordinary to look out at the Parramatta skyline and know that there are more cranes than anywhere else in the country.  The region is booming and we are excited to be part of it.  While our website, emails and mobiles remain the same our landline number and, obviously, our address are new:
  • Level 7, 91 Phillip Street Parramatta, NSW 2150
  • 02 9891 0063
In our last Newsletter I looked ahead to starting an engagement with Flavour Creations.  After an intense period of driving an employee culture of high performance I am left with awe at this truly remarkable organisation.  It is such an impressive story from one inspired women to market leadership.  Along the way the founder and CEO, Bernadette Erikson, has defined a market segment that truly enhances the quality of people’s lives through the development and supply of innovative dysphagia and nutrition products.
In a few weeks time the Tour de France will commence its journey around France and the fabulous Storm Magazine in Singapore has republished my piece about the world’s biggest annual sporting event.  So as the nights get chilly here in Australia take a look at Cycles Of Torture — Tour de France

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As we continue to help clients build capability and become better trusted advisors, we too, are are on a journey to learn all we can and want to acknowledge others that are doing great work.  Arbinger have published an insightful and helpful book called The Outward Mindset and it has the power to transform your approach to business relationships.


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