It is vital to evaluate the effectiveness of our actions in response to Covid-19.

People At Their Best worked with many organisations to uncover data and test leadership responses to Covid-19.

Our Workforce Temperature Check, consists of just 3-5 questions only:

  1. How are you feeling at this time? (commonly experienced emotions are listed along with a free-text box for individual responses
  2. Are you getting enough information and direction from the business at this time? (a forced-choice question that focuses respondents for the next question)
  3. What else can the business be doing to support you at this time? (free-text window allows employees to suggest different action to help leaders pivot their response)

The data we elicit is helping leaders stay ahead of the anxiety that people are feeling and to continue to take ownership of the narrative.  Ultimately, our surveys allow leaders to find ways to better support staff whilst identifying any serious risks.

Follow the link to read a blind, anonymous Workforce Temperature Check Report

Workforce Temperature Check Survey Anonymous Report

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