As another lock-down bites hard in Sydney, I am really proud to have helped the band, The Conformists, to record and release a defyingly celebratory song, one that is wistful and longing and yet bright and optimistic. 
That’s what art does, throws up contradictory emotions that arrest us and give us pause to look at the world differently.  With this pandemic making our lives a little smaller and more confined, it was a small act on my part to help the band release something positive into the world. 
Without putting too big a spin on it, the world is a better place with the beautiful vocals of Sande Marinovich transporting us all to a warm, sunny Sunday afternoon of carefree friendship. The fact that the vocals were recorded in London while the band played here in Sydney, makes it an even bigger achievement. 
Please follow the link and spend $2 to buy the track – your $2 will help artists like this keep giving their talent to the world. Thanks, Dom

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