As we journey into 2021, many of our clients are once more feeling confident enough to start looking forward and to imagine what they would like the future to look like 

What I have been emphasising is that most organisations over-estimate what can be achieved in 1-year but under-estimate what can be achieved in 3-years 

As we take steps towards a more ‘normal’ way of operating, I feel it is critical that we guard against being impulsive but not let this dampen our ambition and vision

What we know is that there is a rhythm and momentum that happens when we are meeting objectives – there is a release of dopamine (the reward chemical) but also oxytocin, as we meaningfully collaborate with others to ‘do things that matter’ and pursue things that are aligned with our purpose – what is actually happening is that we are growing our agency and self-efficacy so that our capacity increases: The more we achieve, the more we are able to achieve

Leaders can be climate engineers and engender this growing capacity to achieve by: Continually communicating direction (people need to know where they are heading); willingness to take action and ‘do things’ (inertia is a killer); being bold with decision making (even in the absence of complete information); demonstrating flexibility (most organisations are nowhere near as adaptable as they think there are) and; cultivating alignment to Purpose (taking action that is not aligned to Purpose leads to all sorts of organisational dysfunction)  

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