meaning and purposeWatching a re-run of the ‘Big Bang Theory’, Penny complains to Bernadette, ‘I want to be passionate about something like you guys’ to which Bernadette responds, ‘You just have to try lots of things to see what you really enjoy!’ Despondent, Penny replies, ‘That sounds like too much hard work.’ The truth is that passion is ‘developed’ far more than it is ‘discovered’ and it takes great effort with a reciprocal relationship between learning and motivation and performance – the more we learn, the more motivated we are and the better our performance. Likewise, we don’t ‘find’ meaning in our lives, we ‘make’ meaning. Meaning is a return, a yield and we must invest our time, attention, effort and money to get the return. Meaning (or purpose) is not just found or discovered – we must invest of ourselves to develop, create and make meaning.

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