A special shout-out to Bree for the fantastic coaching she provides our clients. Here is a recent unsolicited testimonial from a client at CBHS Health Fund Limited. I also wanted to thank Lorensz at CBHS for our enduring and valuable partnership.

“Hi Bree,
OMG where do I begin.
It was an honour and privilege to have the opportunity to have you, looking after me … you’re the best.
Speaking with you is like have a shower for my mental health.
Thank you, thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are worth your weight in gold.
The whole experience and what I have gained is just incredible and indescribable.
I will continue my journey and keep practicing and growing to be the BEST person I can be – the name says it all ‘People At Their BEST!
Keep patting yourself on the back – You are amazing!
All the very best,
Julie Batty – Corporate Partnership Manager, CBHS”

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